3rd June 2017 – Annual Coach trip

Caerlaverock Castle, followed by a tour of the Devils Porridge Museum.

Report on the visit by committee member Mike Little.

It was my first trip with my colleagues on the Civic Trust we met up at Rosehill on a lovely Saturday morning and Janis was there getting us organised onto the mini-bus. We chatted away on the bus and before long we were pulling into Caerlaverock. We agreed to walk around and meet up later.

Approaching, I could see the swallows had made many nests inside the castle they were showing off their aerial mastery skimming the meadow in front of the castle, flying just past my ear swooping in and out of the castle. It was many years ago since I last saw the old 13C moated triangular castle and it still looked spooky and forbidding. Full of turbulent Scottish history besieged and abandoned and rebuilt over the last 400yrs it still retains its charm and interest and a worthy visit to one of the most impressive medieval fortresses.

It was 1pm and we all gathered to take the mini-bus to the Devil’s Porridge at Eastriggs and first lunch served by the kindly folk in the restaurant. Then on into the Museum to reveal the remarkable secret heritage of what was the largest munitions factory in the world during the First World War. The museum describes it as a story of conflict, courage and community. I could have spent all day in there looking at all the exhibits and listening to audio accounts of the work done in the factory. It was a dangerous job for the thousands of mainly women who produced the porridge, the ingredients for the munitions. The Devil’s Porridge Museum is definitely a 5star attraction with enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff it was a memorable visit. On the mini-bus back people were still talking of the museum and what they had saw and experienced, in all an excellent day out.