Stephen White – Clothing Talk

Stephen White gave us an interesting insight into what people wore during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, particularly the ladies! Wasp waists, long voluminous skirts, life must have been very difficult, although of course the upper class ladies didn’t have to work. The lower classes had to work, and in the long skirts! And as for wearing the fox fur collars/stoles complete with head and paws….! Quite a number of us still have a real fur stole in our attics inherited from granny, apparently. The Waterton Hall people did us proud as usual, despite the change of venue within the complex.

Next talk will be Ian Tyler after the AGM on 17 October, we thought we’d offer a glass of wine to attendees this time, we are really looking forward to having Ian again, who is always entertaining, even giving a talk entitled “Mines and Minerals of the Lake District” come along and find out.