Chloe Brownlee-Chapman – Carlisle’s Fascinating Roman Archaeology

Chloe Brownlee-Chapman, the Regional Director of Wardell Armstrong, provided a fascinating insight into Carlisle’s Roman archaeology to enthralled members and guests of the Carlisle and District Civic Trust on Tuesday, the fifth of April.

As well as mentioning discoveries unearthed on Botchergate, she concentrated on recent excavations undertaken at the Edenside Cricket Club, Stanwix where a monumental bath house was discovered quite by chance in 2017.

Although traces of an original Hadrianic building have been found, the site revealed significant reconstruction taking place at the beginning of the third century AD when the Emperor Septimus Severus was conducting campaigns into Scotland. Evidence of hypocausts, painted plaster and Imperial stamped tiles indicate a high-status building. The site also yielded a large number of coins, some jewellery and some incredibly important inscriptions.

There’s no doubt that the discovery of this important building has captured the public’s imagination. It also begs a question: what other Roman sites lie undiscovered below Carlisle’s streets.