David Ramshaw Presentation

Carlisle and District Civic Trust members gave a big welcome to David Ramshaw last Tuesday evening, 21 February, at Waterton Hall in Carlisle.  He gave a presentation, in his role as one of the Directors of Carlisle Waverley Viaduct Trust and told us of the efforts made by the group to have the Waverley Viaduct restored and a link established across the Eden from Etterby Road to Port Road and Engine Lonning in the form of a Bridleway.

The Viaduct carried the Carlisle/Edinburgh railway line across the Eden until the line was closed in 1969, although it remained open to the public to walk across for a time before being blocked off at each end.

Clearly, if the viaduct was reopened,  it would provide an alternative crossing of the river for the current interest in walking and cycling and would also provide a link to the riverside public footpath and to the Hadrian’s Wall path. It is also a proposed route on Carlisle Cycle Network.

David stated that the other aspect to the re-opening of the viaduct would be the historical heritage of that area as there is still evidence of the railway line and the old Carlisle Canal in that area,  both of which, with work  could be made more apparent.

The Viaduct Trust say they need as many people as possible to give support in the form of letters so that they  can be presented to The Railway Heritage Trust and ultimately to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

There is a Carlisle Waverley Viaduct Trust website, and contact can be made via this.

David’s presentation was of great interest and provoked lots of questions, suggestions and personal reminiscences from those present.

Next month we have Stephen White giving a talk on “Upperby Village” on Tuesday 21 March, at Waterton Hall to begin 7.00 with refreshments.  All welcome.