Civic Trust response to planning application at The Redfern

Carlisle and District Ciic Trust have responded to a planning application to build houses on the bowling green at The Redfern Pub.


The Carlisle and District Civic Trust object strongly to this application. The listed public house, with its important link to the bowling green and its historical recreational link to the State Management Scheme, makes such a separation entirely contrary to policy and legislation designed to protect such architectural and historic places that give an area distinctiveness and individual character. Indeed it is only now that the interest and influence of The Carlisle State Management Scheme and its impact on social culture is starting to achieve national recognition. We are mindful also that it was our group that were instrumental in campaigning to have the Redfern pubs listed and saved for their unique, local regional and national significance, and those campaigns should be held in mind when this application is decided.
We do not believe it is possible or desirable to save the pub but re-develop behind – this would miss the point of the need to list in the first place. The Scheme public houses broke the mould of the all-male ‘drinking den’ and introduced the social advantages of integrating food and recreation into the social activity i.e. the model of the contemporary public house so the listing, as a group of spaces and activities has to include all its social and recreational parts.
We remember, and lament, the loss of the Rose and Crown, Upperby, sadly lost to unnecessary re-development. The Redfern and its important bowling green space should not be allowed to succumb to the same fate.