Milestone Restoration Programme 2017

After some new finds during the past winter I was able to drum up some assistance and financial support to restore a total of 14 milestones between Carlisle, Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith.

On the A595 at Orton Grange Farm set in the entrance wall is one milestone that was saved some 40-50 years ago by the farm owner and relocated some 30 metres from its original location. Possibly from a collision as a small part of the base remains there with the main cast iron plate and a section of the sandstone top being crafted into the wall.

The milestone recovered from the entrance to Suttle House in 2015 has been restored and ready to be put back. The current building company has been making progress with the housing development and I have it on record that the milestone is planned into project and due to be put back in October 2017.

Photo (coming soon) shows it on a pallet ready to return.

Of interest are two milestones near Keswick which required new metal plates. Iron castings from Blists Hill foundry at Ironbridge replicated the pattern of those on the Cockermouth to Keswick turnpike road, with joint funding from the Milestone Society and local parish councils. This was completed the week that World Heritage status was bestowed on the Lake District! Photo (coming soon) of the milestone near the Portinscale footbridge towards Keswick.

Terry Moore
Carlisle District & Civic Trust Member