AGM Minutes 2014

Minutes of the forty-ninth Annual General Meeting held at

The New Waterton Hall Carlisle on

September 16th 2014 at 2.p.m.

1. Members present – Rosalind Bell, Peter Donnelly, Mary Ferguson, Audrey Kelley, Jan Jeffery (Secretary), Carol Donnelly (Treasurer), Lindsey Winterton, Peter Winterton, Patrick Horton, Margaret Little, Terry Moore, Olwyn Luckley, Mr P Pickles, Mary McArdle, John Kelsall, Ian Turnbull and Terry Jolley (Chair).

2. Apologies – were received from Carey Ashwin, Kathleen Churchill, Shirley Dixon, Frank Jeffery, Dr John McDowall, Madeline Ross, Alison McKee and Jenny Smith.

Two prospective new members also attended Sandra Stockley and Moira Melrick

3. Minutes of the previous AGM – these had been circulated prior to the meeting. There was a proposal that these be accepted, by Lindsey Winterton and this was seconded by Peter Winterton

4. Chairman Report: –This was in the form of the Autumn newsletter which was circulated at the AGM. Copies will be available at all Civic Trust Events. He also talked about our membership of the Civic Voice organisation, which had been causing concern due to our inability to contact them. This seems to have been resolved so the committee advised remaining members and reviewing the situation before the next AGM.

5. Election of Officers & Committee – As there were no nominations, the Committee offered themselves for re-election. They were proposed by Rosalind Bell and seconded by Margaret Little and agreed by all present.

Committee for 2013-2014

Terry Jolley           Chairman

Janis Jeffery           Secretary

Carol Donnelly          Treasurer

Dr Lindsey Winterton

Jenny Smith

Frank Jeffery

John Kelsall               Campaign Organiser

Alistair McGregor       Architectural Adviser

Roger Higgins             Heritage Officer Carlisle City Council

6. Treasurer’s Report – a copy of the report is attached to these minutes. It was decided during the year to go back to the system of having the books audited, and an Independent Examiner’s Report was carried out by Cumbria V.A.C. Copies of this, and the accounts, were available at the AGM. It was proposed that these be accepted by Patrick Horton and seconded by Lindsey Winterton.  This was agreed.

Any Other Business: – There was an in depth discussion regarding the ‘Carlisle Plan’ and the proposed demolition of the Civic Centre. We have, via John Kelsall, sent our views to the Council and will continue to be involved. There was also information given about proposed alterations to Tullie House, of which the committee were unaware, and which will be looked into. Various comments from the floor from Sandra Stockley, Moira Melrick, Olwyn Luckley, Margaret Little, Ian Turnbull and John Kelsall were taken on board by the committee and will be discussed in future committee meetings.

Should anyone wish to sign the petition to Save the Civic Centre, the website is

Terry also mentioned our new Website  and its link to our Facebook page, and the fact that we are planning on being more proactive as a group, but that we also want to be a forum for members of the public to tell us their concerns.

Our Chairman, Terry Jolley, then thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 3.30pm. after which further refreshments were available.